Motion Imager’s applied research & engineering is a pursuit to the fundamental principle and belief that industrial and civic society process & outcomes follow reduceable technological & engineering capabilities, as it applies in “form follows function”. Thus, right technological capabilities integration with right engineering principles gives birth to radical possibilities with real world utilities. On the mission guided scope & outcome expected , Motion Imager has research topic pipelines defined and branched into investigable & target empirical new capabilities from current technological or engineering limitations.

Motion Imager design and run experiments, analyse data, read and discuss the latest research papers,  brainstorm & benchmark new scientific & technological inter-depend cross findings. Motion Imager built concept models and simulations within the lab using tools with various collaborators or independently,  try to find the “next technology outlier” (or outliers) .

Motion Imager  strives to do something radically new, differentiating that adds  significant value to the industry it aims to serve. At Motion Imager we work smart & hard , enjoy bringing to life those radical possibilities. We believe a new set of knowledge concept model is required , which is easy to act upon at the place of work, to bring radical improvement in the product development for having cradle to cradle circularity.  Motion Imager hopes  that you’ll want to engage & associate to enhance mutual capabilities.

Research Domain Pipeline

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