3D Live Digital Twinning Tool Chain

What is a digital twin ?

A digital twin is a set of virtual information constructs that fully describes a potential or actual physical manufactured product from the micro (atomic level) to the macro (geometrical level). At its optimum, any information that could be obtained from inspecting a physical manufactured product can be obtained from its digital twin.

—  Michael Grieves, Chief Scientist, Florida Institute of Technology

How Motion Imager’s digital twinning tool chain development principle will solve real-world’s mission critical problems?

At rest state of any object, remains the effect which can be explained with high-level coarser  semantic dimensions. While in motion state between two rest states over time remains the low-level finer scientific dimensions.

Capturing and recreating those scene elements details using our tool chain can lead you and your organisation to achieve missions with unparallel quality and accuracy to design specification.

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