IP Captive Factory

As a captive IP semiconductor HW & SW design & integration factory, Motion Imager's research outcomes in the form of IP are

Forward looking

Utility driven

Easily identifiable

Highly repurposable

Custom packageable

Future upgradable

Majority of Motion Imager’s silicon and photonic integrated physical asset IPs under pipeline-for-release are architected and designed in-house and use external foundry services for fabrication. Motion Imager’s display system is complete in-house design with foundry-lite manufacturing facility to fabricate.  All this capability enables Motion Imager to extend extreme compatibility between the HW and SW with a definitive experience & deterministic reliability to end users.

Motion Imager’s multi-disciplinary & cross-pollinating nature of research investigations, experiments and test results translate into tangible & non-tangible IP blocks that fits to the usability.

This results in  high performing, modular, cross-technology integration leading to frontier universal technological platforms fitting into critical business requirements & seamless experience across product & business process lifecycle stages.

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