You do not need any special head mount device or a special eye glass to view the metaverse dynamics.

Enterprise collocated PhyReal metavarse

Enterprise Geo-distributed Physical Universe

Autonomously update the mirror replica of the enterprise geo-distributed physical infrastructure universe with its dynamic assets and resources while in its exact state of affairs.

Scaffold deep embedded finer details from non-invasively acquired & build self-organised – Metaverse of digital twins gathered and produced by our physics driven digital twin tool chain.

The PhyReal™ metaverse helps to whittle down and pre-empt more accurate future scenarios and reason scientifically the current & past status basis of actual real run-time data correlation.

Eliminate unreliability quantification arising out at local or global level due to

  1. Aleatoric variables: The random and discrete multi dimensional and short-lived vanishing variables.

  2. Epistemic variables: The absence of parameterisation due to absence of knowledge or data acquisition.

  3. Ontological & Semantic  mismatch: Different meta-data format of multiple silo systems causing data decay and information approximation error.
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