Co-Calibrate , Co-Create and Co-Support – Individually committed to a group effort.

Remember one’s output is an input to another, make sure your output is useful & progenitive.

We at Motion Imager build assets to regenerate further assets by our customer. Promise only that can be performed and delivered.

We at Motion Imager abstain from being a plodder, set benchmark to gain ultimate trust and respect from colleagues, customers & partners.

Remember we all have a customer – sometimes it is Internal , sometimes it is external and for most times both. Treat accordingly.


E&TC Engineer, A serial entrepreneur, Co-guide MTechThesis (IIsc,Bengaluru,India),

Inventor & Architect of configurable wireless sensor system in module (SoM).

Roles in new technology & new product introduction globally & nationally

Previously worked at Siemens, Alcatel –Lucent, Telenor, British Telecom


Dual Post Doc researcher from RIKEN,Japan & IISc, Bengaluru, India on metamaterial based photonic application device characterization.

PhD in Applied Physics.

Expertise in working with 3D chip and cleanroom electronics lithography equipment and optics.


Bachelor’s degree in Electronics engineering

Master’s in Information Studies from NTU, Singapore.

Experience in leading market strategy, business development, operations and commercial partnerships execution.

Previously worked at Dolby Labs, Cisco, Singapore Telecom.


Sukanta Dey
Vice President
Group Moizenship & Corporate Category

A people & new product category development person.

Bachelor’s in engineering from IIT Kgp (Mech)

MBA ( Marketing Finance) from IIM Cal, India.

Previously worked at CXO level in AT&T Wireless, Pepsico, UniLever, (India).

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